Phuong Quan Packaging Factory

Phuong Quan Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd has a textile factory in Long Dinh Industrial Zone, Long An Province, with a total area of over 22,000 m2, is installed with modern production lines including 06 spinning machines, 200 textile machines, 100 sewing machines, 02 film coating machines and 15 offset printing machines, 10 HD and PE blowers, 05 automatic sewing machines, 01 bag mixer. Accordingly, the design capacity of the factory is 100 million pieces / year. With this modern production line, Phuong Quan Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd. we can meet the high technical requirements of large volume of products from domestic and foreign customers.

Our products are specialized types of packaging made from polypropylene material used to contain sugar, rice, animal feed, fertilizer, chemicals, agricultural and marine products …. Besides, our products are quality tested according to a strict process, to ensure products are manufactured according to customers’ technical requirements of tension, strength, environmental resistance. hot, humid, outdoor …).

With extensive experience in the field of production, import and export of polypropylene packaging products, Phuong Quan Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with the best quality products and suitable products. with technical requirements, competitive prices, reasonable payment methods, on-time delivery. We look forward to receiving more potential orders from customers.

Packaging products of Phuong Quan

– PP Printing Bag on Demand
– Coated PP bag with PE film
– BOPP Polypropylene PP Bag
– Some Other PP Products

Standard PP packaging is produced according to the following technical requirements:

  • Material: Polypropylene.
  • Weaving density: Maximum 15 × 15 fibers / inch.
  • Degree Denier: Maximum 1,600 Denier.
  • Size: 40cm-1450cm wide.
  • Membrane edge according to customer requirements.
  • Bottom of sewing with 2 parallel threads.
  • Colors: We can provide different colors for customers.
  • Coated PE transparent film thickness from 20g / m2 – 40g / ms and width from 40cm – 85cm.
  • Printing: printing on one or two faces (maximum 6 colors / 2 faces), maximum length is 1,200cm.
  • PE lining according to customer requirements.

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