Long An Rice

Long An breed is cultivated in the Mekong Delta, striking are Long An and Dong Thap provinces, which have a long, white color chisels, soft rice very sticky.

Long An is the raw material to make many kinds of folk cakes. Special The product is also used as high-quality crease and Traditions of the river delta.

Nutritional Ingredients:

– Protein: 5.87 % – Vitamin B1: 0.78 mg/100g
– Carbohydrate: 78.78 % – Vitamin B3: 6 mg/100g
– Vitamin A: 0.369 mg/g

Gạo nếp Long An

Broken % (max) (3/4 basis)10%
Moisture % (max)14.0%
Damaged kernels % (max)3.30%
Yellow kernels % (max)3.30%
Chalky kernels % (max) (3/4 basis)
Red & red streak kernels % (max)1.0%
Foreign matter % ( max)1.0%
Immature kernels % (max)
Glutinous rice % (max)
Paddy (grains/kg) (max)15%
Purity % (min) thiểu)
Average length of whole grain (mm)
Milling degreeWell-milled

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